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Structural steel & timber fire protection coatings
Our intumescent painting services offer 30mins & 60minutes of fire protection to structural steel & cast iron. AND, Class 0 Class 1 spread of flame to timber


Decorative, thin film intumescent painting coatings for the fire protection of internal and external steelwork & cast iron for up to 60 minutes and woodwork to Class 0 & Class 1 Spread of Flame.

As contractors to the construction industry, our intumescent painting teams work directly on columns & beams onsite after the steelwork is erected and fixed into position.

Intumescent painting coatings expand by about 50 times their original thickness when subjected to fire, forming a thick, insulating ‘char’ layer. When applied to structural steelwork, this ‘char’ layer insulates the steelwork from the fire, and slows down the rate of heating of the steelwork.

When heated to a critical temperature, structural steelwork will lose its load bearing capability and buckle or collapse. When a building is on fire, what is needed is TIME to evacuate the building and try to bring the fire under control. Intumescent coatings are a common way of providing this time, by delaying the time taken for the steelwork to reach this critical temperature.

Different applied thickness of intumescent coating will give varying thicknesses of ‘char’, and therefore differing time periods of fire resistance. The amount of applied intumescent required to give the specified period (usually 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes) is usually referred to as the ‘loading’ needed. For example, to protect a certain size steel section for 30 minutes might require a loading of 350 microns dry film thickness (dft) of intumescent. Fire Linings Systems Ltd. calculate the loadings and the required thicknesses of intumescent painting required, per individual steel section, for the timings required.

Intumescent Spraying & Painting to Cables & Cable Trays

Intumescent painting coatings are used in order to combine perfect fire protection with aesthetic values of the fireproofed elements.

Fire protection of electric cables in plastic covers inside buildings. The system inhibits heat from accessing insulation surface of the cables. Hence, it increases their functionality in fire conditions and prevents flames from spreading over flammable insulation.

Advantages of the system:

  1.             it can be applied to all types of cables
  2.             aesthetic look of the fireproofed cables
  3.             elasticity of the substance after drying
  4.             non-toxicity
  5.             easy application and fast pace of work, durability and effectiveness


Intumescent Spraying & Painting to Interior & Exterior Woodwork

Our teams not only have expertise in intumescent spraying & painting structural steelwork, but we also have considerable experience with fire protecting, not only new wood but old existing timber, caravan park decking, painted timber & Grade 2 listed wood – giving a Class 0 & 1 spread of flame.

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