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Fire protection is a professional service to all aspects of industry and commerce that applies effective fire proofing techniques to the planning, design and construction of the project, from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost and quality.

Fire Damaged Units

For example, this is a fire damaged unit which needs to be repaired and brought up to current fire regulations. The mezzanine area needs to be 1 hour fire rated and the structure up to 2 hour rated. This before and after photograph shows all the replacement fire boards fixed to the external cladding and the replacement steel perlins supporting the fire cladding boards. The mezzanine area now has 1 hour fire resistant column casings going up to a 1 hour fire resistant suspended ceiling, with fire resistant facia to seal the structure. Finally all the office partitioning above is fire rated with all sold core doors having intumescent smoke seals, slit vision panels using pyroshield glass and self closers fitted to each door leaf. All electrics & wiring were replaced and fitted into protective conduit.

Professionalism, Quality and Competitiveness

Our experienced staff will put together a comprehensive package including conceptual estimates, production design management, regulatory compliance and construction which would cover all elements of your project from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on professionalism, quality and competitiveness, striving to create long lasting relationships with all of the customers and the result of these objectives can be seen in any of our work.

Fire Protection Consultants

Fire protection consultants are hired to give expert advice and opinions used for specific issues or situations in the construction industry.

Fire Lining Services takes that one step further by offering our clients an interactive, hands on, personal consulting service through a small web of experienced professionals who offer a very broad range of capabilities which include site analysis, design and construction schedules, cost estimates and due diligence work.

Our primary goal as consultants is to give our clients an accurate cost estimate that at the end of the project will yield a quality product that stayed on budget and on schedule.

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