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Marine firestopping & fire protection at sea is especially demanding. Many requirements are in place to ensure maritime operations remain safe from fire.

We’re able to undertake marine firestopping works as you continue your journey. We’ll work as you travel. We won’t hold you up.


Ships are small, isolated cities at sea. Fire protection in this environment is critical. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has specific provisions for protection of penetrations and openings in fire-rated divisions to keep fire and smoke from spreading unchecked. Maintaining the integrity of fire divisions is paramount in protecting personnel on board and mitigating production loss and property damage. With our expertise of buildings’ integrity, Fire Lining Systems are well suited to the task.

We work as you work, on:

Cruise Ships
Ferries / RoRo
Cargo Vessels
Naval Vessels

And, if you need us to, we’ll work on your firestopping measures as your vessel travels to it’s next destination – wherever in the world it may be.

Firestop Collars

The use of plastic pipe in offshore platforms and ships is increasing significantly because plastic is light-weight, corrosion resistant and cost economical. Plastic pipe, effectively firestopped, can be a very safe choice.

Collars are designed to protect plastic pipes in fire-rated divisions.The stainless steel housing contains a fast-acting, intumescent rubber insert that expands with heat to crush the plastic pipe in a fire, thereby preventing the spread of fire, smoke and gasses to adjacent spaces. The collar’s powder-coated flange is made of mild steel, which can alternatively be welded or fastened to the bulkhead or deck. Integral toggle locks make securing the collar around the pipe quick and easy.

Firestop Putty

For temporary or maintenance type situations, small to medium sized openings can be firestopped with Firestop Putty.

The butyl-rubber based, 100% solids, non-hardening and intumescent putty can be hand-packed into the openings to provide a seal against the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gasses.Firestop Putty has no shelf-life limitations, making it an ideal product for the maintenance environment.

Fire-Rated Cable Trays

For conditions where cable changes will be frequent and water-tightness is not a requirement, the Fire Rated Cable Pathway is the fastest and most reliable solution. The steel raceway contains a self-sealing system comprised of compressible foam pads installed to form an arch.

As the cables pass through the device, the pads retract and allow them to pass while gently squeezing the bundle to provide a functional smoke and air seal. The firestopping system can never be compromised due to neglect or adding too much cable. If the cable fits, it is firestopped! Fire Rated Cable Pathways provide 100% compliance 100% of the time. Device modules can be installed individually, or ganged to increase cable capacity. Accessory plates allow for easy mounting to bulkheads or decks.

Firestop Sealant

STI Marine Firestop Sealant is an all-purpose, single-component sealant for general marine sealing applications. It is ideally suited for sealing pipes and cables in rated and non-rated divisions.

Utilizing a proprietary, advanced hybrid polymer matrix, STI Marine Firestop Sealant sets up quickly in the presence of moisture to provide a tough seal against fire, smoke, gasses, and water. Unlike conventional silicones, Marine Firestop Sealant offers instantaneous water-resistance. It’s flexible to accommodate vibration, and the high solids formula makes it resistant to shrinkage. Colored red, STI Marine Firestop Sealant can be quickly identified as suitable for use in fire-rated divisions. The low VOC formula drastically reduces odors that can be unpleasant, or even noxious, in confined spaces.

Firestop Cable Coating

Firestop Cable Coating is a latex-based coating designed to protect grouped electrical cables against the propagation of fire.

When installed, this material will limit flame spread along cables and cable trays. Firestop Cable Coating will adhere well to virtually all cable jacketing materials. Application of material is achieved using airless spray equipment or by brush. The high solids coating will provide exceptional coverage rates.

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